Entering Personal Mileage


The starting point is the newly created expense report.

  1. Click the createadd.jpgbutton in the Expense section.

  1. Select Ground Transportation from the Category drop-down list.

  2. Select Personal Auto Mileage from the Sub Category drop-down list.

  3. Click the Amount field. The Edit Travel Information window appears.


  4. Enter the reason for the mileage in the Comment field.

  5. Click the Add Destination link.

  6. Select the Home Address list item.

Note: The ExpenseBox system automatically populates your home address as it appears in MyHRConnection. If your home address is not correct, please contact MyHRConnection by calling 888-892-2248 or email us at MyHRConnection@gianteagle.com.

  1. Click the Add Destination link.

  2. Select the New Address list item.

  3. Enter the address of your destination in the Destinations field.

  4. Click the Calculate Mileage button. The system will automatically deduct the calculated number of home to office miles.


The amount displayed in the Total Amount field is the amount of your reimbursement.